Premium wholesale VoIP
Premium wholesale VoIP
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Premium wholesale SIP trunks

Common questions that we are asked about 44Direct.  Please study this page before contacting us with your question.

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Frequently asked questions

Using the system:

Routes and rates:

Technical questions:

General questions:

Financial questions:

Using the system

How does the system work?

As an experienced telecommunications professional, you will understand that we provide access to our direct UK PSTN interconnection through our VoIP switches in London, offering you a premium wholesale VoIP service.  We also provide you with an online control panel to manage your account.

How do I get started?

  1. Create a new 44Direct account.
  2. Configure your VoIP switch.
  3. Make a payment and start calling.

Do you provide CDRs?

Call records are available to view in tabulated HTML format at the online control panel and can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

What are the billing steps?

The billing steps are 1/1 - per second.  Individual call calculations are rounded up to the next USD 0.0010 increment.

Routes and rates

What are your routes like?

We forward 100% of your traffic to direct TDM interconnections with the UK PSTN in London using equipment that we own and manage.  The result is a route with outstanding quality.

What if a route fails?

We have interconnections to multiple carriers.  If a call fails, our switch will often overflow it to an alternative route automatically and in real-time.  In the unlikely event that all of our interconnections fail, we will clear your call with an appropriate cause code so that your switch can failover the calls to other facilities.   We do not overflow to grey routes.

How often do you change your rates?

44Direct rates closely mirror the wholesale market and consequently change every few days.  Rate change notifications are sent by email and new rates are available for download at the online control panel.

Where are your dial codes?

Dial codes are available for download in Microsoft Excel format at the online control panel.

Technical questions

What is your IP address?

You should send calls to If you use SIP, you MUST send calls to our non-standard SIP port 6060.

Can I authenticate from a dynamic IP address?

No.  Authentication is only possible from a fixed IP address.

Should I use H.323 or SIP?

We support both call signalling protocols, but we recommend that you use H.323, because it is more reliable.  If you use H.323, you must enable Fast Start and H.245 tunnelling.  If you use SIP and you are authentication by fixed IP address, you MUST send calls to our non-standard SIP port 6060.

Does your route pass CLI?

Our route supports CLI to UK destinations, but CLI is not enabled by default on new accounts.   If you need CLI to be enabled, please contact our support team, who will check that you are passing is CLI in the correct format (E.164).  The CLI numbers that you send must be valid returnable numbers.

How do I send you CLI?

For H.323, you should send the CLI in the Calling Party Number element of the Q.931 setup message.  For SIP, we extract the CLI from the line ID portion of the calling URI.

What codecs do you support?

We support G.729 and G.711.

Will DTMF work?

Yes.  For H.323, you need to enable H.245 tunnelling and send DTMF information in an H.245 UserInputIndication message.  For SIP, you need to send the information in SIP INFO messages.

Will fax work?

Our service is primarily voice, but fax usually works to UK landlines.  You will need to use the G.711 codec for your fax calls.

How do I add of remove an IP address on my account?

You should send an email to our support team detailing your requirements.

Can I have multiple IP addresses on my account?


Can I use a shared fixed IP address?

If you use a hosted softswitch that does not give you a unique public IP address, then we will need to add a tech. prefix to your account.  You should send an email to our support team detailing your requirements.  Bear in mind that no further per-call authentication is provided, so all calls from your IP address and with your tech. prefix will be assigned to your account.

What dialling pattern should I use?

You should send calls in E.164 format (44 + number).  Optionally, our support team can add a tech. prefix to your account.

Do you support Asterisk?

We support Asterisk using SIP, but not IAX.  You should disable re-invite on the trunk group, because we do not support that feature and it is not possible to renegotiate the media path once it has been established.

Can you configure my VoIP switch for me?

No; we do not offer that service.

General questions

Who are you?

We are Westbay Engineers Ltd., and 44Direct is one of our products.  We are based in the UK and have been providing telecommunications software and services since 1989.

How can I contact you?

Please see our contact page.

What support do you provide?

Support is limited to the investigation of route problems.  Support is provided by email only.

Do you have a reseller system?

No.  44Direct is a direct sale product.  You would need your own billing system to charge out to your customers.

Financial questions

What is the set up cost?

There are no set up costs for new accounts.

When should I pay you?

Our service is prepay.  Your account must be in credit before calling is allowed.   When your balance reaches zero, the calling will be disabled until we process your next payment.

How can I pay you?

We accept wire transfers and Western Union Quick Pay and we do not charge for those payment methods.  Subject to approval, we accept online payments in Pounds Sterling with a 2% transaction fee.  We can also accept online payments in Euro and US Dollars, but there is a 6% transaction fee for these payment methods.

Is there a minimum term?


I have lots of traffic.  Can I get lower rates?

Yes.  We offer discounts for larger prepayments.  Please see our rates page for more information.

But, I can find lower rates elsewhere?

If you need lower rates, you should be looking for grey routes.  We do not sell grey routes through 44Direct.  If you aere willing to compromise on quality, then please consider our 44Mobile product, which offers lower rates than 44Direct.

Can I have per-second billing?

Yes.  All accounts have per second (1/1) billing.

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